INGE St. Scholarship

It is desirable and inevitable for scientific career and initiating new cooperations that young researchers engage actively in national and international research conferences. In order to support young Styrian researchers in neuro-science, INGE St. awards scientific scholarships at the end of each year.

Fundable projects are

  • Active participation in national and international neuro-scientific conferences and
  • Participation in neuro-scientific educational events in Austria and abroad.

You can submit past and future activities within 2018. For conferences only active participation, i.e. the presentation of your own research results as poster or talk can be funded. The refunding is limited to € 300,- for activities within Austria and € 700,- for activities abroad.

The application form must be submitted electronically by Nov 30, 2019, midnight to the INGE St. administration (admin [at]

The distribution of funding is decided by the Administrative Board of INGE St. The applicants will be informed by email.

Important: All receipts and confirmations (accomodation, travel costs, congress fees) must be attached to the application at least as a copy. Quoted costs that are not proved by an invoice can not be refunded.


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INGE St. Scholarship

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